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Schema.org API Definitions
This is a collection of OpenAPI Specs for each Schema.org entity, meant to provide a starting point for using the schemas throughout the API life cycle. Each entity has a JSON and YAML version, without GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE API methods, as well as the underlying schema. I am aware that the types will not validate for each parameter, and will work on relationships, and hierachy next.
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About Page API
Accept Action API
Accounting Service API
Achieve Action API
Action API
Action Status Type API
Activate Action API
Add Action API
Administrative Area API
Adult Entertainment API
Aggregate Offer API
Aggregate Rating API
Agree Action API
Airline API
Airport API
Alignment Object API
Allocate Action API
Amusement Park API
Anatomical Structure API
Anatomical System API
Animal Shelter API
Answer API
Apartment Complex API
Reference API
Append Action API
Apply Action API
Approved Indication API
Aquarium API
Arrive Action API
Artery API
Art Gallery API
Article API
Ask Action API
Assess Action API
Assign Action API
Attorney API
Audience API
Audio Object API
Authorize Action API
Auto Body Shop API
Auto Dealer API
Automated Teller API
Automotive Business API
Auto Parts Store API
Auto Rental API
Auto Repair API
Auto Wash API
Bakery API
Bank Or Credit Union API
Barcode API
Bar Or Pub API
Beach API
Beauty Salon API
Bed And Breakfast API
Befriend Action API
Bike Store API
Blog API
Blog Posting API
Blood Test API
Boarding Policy Type API
Body Of Water API
Bone API
Book API
Book Format Type API
Bookmark Action API
Book Series API
Book Store API
Borrow Action API
Bowling Alley API
Brain Structure API
Brand API
Breadcrumb List API
Brewery API
Bridge API
Broadcast Channel API
Broadcast Event API
Broadcast Service API
Buddhist Temple API
Business Audience API
Business Entity Type API
Business Event API
Business Function API
Bus Reservation API
Bus Station API
Bus Stop API
Bus Trip API
Buy Action API
Cable Or Satellite Service API
Cafe Or Coffee Shop API
Campground API
Canal API
Cancel Action API
Car Usage Type API
Casino API
Catholic Church API
Cemetery API
Check Action API
Check In Action API
Check Out Action API
Checkout Page API
Child Care API
Childrens Event API
Choose Action API
Church API
City API
City Hall API
Civic Structure API
Class API
Clip API
Clothing Store API
Code API
Collection Page API
College Or University API
Comedy Club API
Comedy Event API
Comment API
Comment Action API
Communicate Action API
Computer Store API
Confirm Action API
Consume Action API
Contact Page API
Contact Point API
Contact Point Option API
Continent API
Control Action API
Convenience Store API
Cook Action API
Corporation API
Country API
Courthouse API
Create Action API
Creative Work API
Creative Work Season API
Creative Work Series API
Credit Card API
Crematorium API
Dance Event API
Dance Group API
Data Catalog API
Data Download API
Data Feed API
Data Feed Item API
Dataset API
Dated Money Specification API
Day Of Week API
Day Spa API
Dx Element API
Deactivate Action API
Defence Establishment API
Delete Action API
Delivery Charge Specification API
Delivery Event API
Delivery Method API
Demand API
Dentist API
Depart Action API
Department Store API
Diagnostic Lab API
Diagnostic Procedure API
Diet API
Dietary Supplement API
Disagree Action API
Discover Action API
Discussion Forum Posting API
Dislike Action API
Distance API
Donate Action API
Dose Schedule API
Download Action API
Draw Action API
Drink Action API
Drive Wheel Configuration Value API
Drug API
Drug Class API
Drug Cost API
Drug Cost Category API
Drug Legal Status API
Drug Pregnancy Category API
Drug Prescription Status API
Drug Strength API
Dry Cleaning Or Laundry API
Duration API
Eat Action API
Educational Audience API
Educational Organization API
Education Event API
Electrician API
Electronics Store API
Elementary School API
Email Message API
Embassy API
Emergency Service API
Employee Role API
Employment Agency API
Endorse Action API
Energy API
Engine Specification API
Entertainment Business API
Entry Point API
Enumeration API
Episode API
Event API
Event Reservation API
Event Status Type API
Event Venue API
Exercise Action API
Exercise Gym API
Exercise Plan API
Exhibition Event API
Fast Food Restaurant API
Festival API
Film Action API
Financial Service API
Find Action API
Fire Station API
Flight API
Flight Reservation API
Florist API
Follow Action API
Food Establishment API
Food Establishment Reservation API
Food Event API
Furniture Store API
Game API
Game Play Mode API
Game Server API
Game Server Status API
Garden Store API
Gas Station API
Gated Residence Community API
General Contractor API
Geo Circle API
Geo Coordinates API
Geo Shape API
Give Action API
Golf Course API
Government Building API
Government Office API
Government Organization API
Government Permit API
Government Service API
Grocery Store API
Hair Salon API
Hardware Store API
Health And Beauty Business API
Health Club API
High School API
Hindu Temple API
Hobby Shop API
Home And Construction Business API
Home Goods Store API
Hospital API
Hostel API
Hotel API
House Painter API
Business API
Ice Cream Shop API
Ignore Action API
Image Gallery API
Image Object API
Imaging Test API
Individual Product API
Infectious Agent Class API
Infectious Disease API
Inform Action API
Insert Action API
Install Action API
Insurance Agency API
Intangible API
Interact Action API
Interaction Counter API
Internet Cafe API
Invite Action API
Invoice API
Item Availability API
Item List API
Item List Order Type API
Item Page API
Jewelry Store API
Job Posting API
Join Action API
Joint API
Lake Body Of Water API
Landform API
Landmarks Or Historical Buildings API
Language API
Leave Action API
Legal Service API
Legislative Building API
Lend Action API
Library API
Lifestyle Modification API
Ligament API
Like Action API
Liquor Store API
Listen Action API
List Item API
Literary Event API
Live Blog Posting API
Local Business API
Locker Delivery API
Locksmith API
Lodging Business API
Lodging Reservation API
Lose Action API
Lymphatic Vessel API
Map Category Type API
Marry Action API
Mass API
Maximum Dose Schedule API
Media Object API
Medical Audience API
Medical Cause API
Medical Clinic API
Medical Code API
Medical Condition API
Medical Condition Stage API
Medical Contraindication API
Medical Device API
Medical Device Purpose API
Medical Entity API
Medical Enumeration API
Medical Evidence Level API
Medical Guideline API
Medical Guideline Contraindication API
Medical Guideline Recommendation API
Medical Imaging Technique API
Medical Indication API
Medical Intangible API
Medical Observational Study API
Medical Observational Study Design API
Medical Organization API
Medical Procedure API
Medical Procedure Type API
Medical Risk Calculator API
Medical Risk Estimator API
Medical Risk Factor API
Medical Risk Score API
Medical Scholarly Article API
Medical Sign API
Medical Sign Or Symptom API
Medical Specialty API
Medical Study API
Medical Study Status API
Medical Symptom API
Medical Test API
Medical Test Panel API
Medical Therapy API
Medical Trial API
Medical Trial Design API
Medical Web Page API
Medicine System API
Mens Clothing Store API
Middle School API
Mobile Application API
Mobile Phone Store API
Mosque API
Motel API
Motorcycle Dealer API
Motorcycle Repair API
Mountain API
Move Action API
Movie API
Movie Clip API
Movie Rental Store API
Movie Series API
Movie Theater API
Moving Company API
Muscle API
Museum API
Music Album API
Music Album Production Type API
Music Album Release Type API
Music Composition API
Music Event API
Music Group API
Music Playlist API
Music Recording API
Music Release API
Music Release Format Type API
Music Store API
Music Venue API
Music Video Object API
Nail Salon API
Nerve API
News Article API
Night Club API
Notary API
Nutrition Information API
Ocean Body Of Water API
Offer API
Offer Catalog API
Offer Item Condition API
Office Equipment Store API
On Demand Event API
Opening Hours Specification API
Optician API
Order API
Order Action API
Order Item API
Order Status API
Organization API
Organization Role API
Organize Action API
Outlet Store API
Ownership Info API
Paint Action API
Painting API
Palliative Procedure API
Parcel Delivery API
Parcel Service API
Parent Audience API
Park API
Parking Facility API
Pathology Test API
Pawn Shop API
Pay Action API
Payment Charge Specification API
Payment Method API
Payment Status Type API
People Audience API
Perform Action API
Performance Role API
Performing Arts Theater API
Performing Group API
Periodical API
Permit API
Person API
Pet Store API
Pharmacy API
Photograph API
Photograph Action API
Physical Activity API
Physical Activity Category API
Physical Exam API
Physical Therapy API
Physician API
Place API
Place Of Worship API
Plan Action API
Play Action API
Playground API
Plumber API
Police Station API
Pond API
Postal Address API
Post Office API
Prepend Action API
Preschool API
Prevention Indication API
Price Specification API
Product API
Product Model API
Professional Service API
Profile Page API
Program Membership API
Property API
Property Value API
Property Value Specification API
Psychological Treatment API
Publication Event API
Publication Issue API
Publication Volume API
Public Swimming Pool API
Page API
Qualitative Value API
Quantitative Value API
Quantity API
Question API
Quote Action API
Radiation Therapy API
Radio Channel API
Radio Clip API
Radio Episode API
Radio Season API
Radio Series API
Radio Station API
Rating API
React Action API
Read Action API
Real Estate Agent API
Receive Action API
Recipe API
Recommended Dose Schedule API
Recycling Center API
Register Action API
Reject Action API
Rent Action API
Rental Car Reservation API
Replace Action API
Reply Action API
Report API
Reported Dose Schedule API
Reservation API
Reservation Package API
Reservation Status Type API
Reserve Action API
Reservoir API
Residence API
Restaurant API
Resume Action API
Return Action API
Review API
Review Action API
River Body Of Water API
Role API
Roofing Contractor API
Rsvp Action API
Rsvp Response Type API
Park API
Sale Event API
Schedule Action API
Scholarly Article API
School API
Screening Event API
Sculpture API
Sea Body Of Water API
Search Action API
Search Results Page API
Season API
Seat API
Self Storage API
Sell Action API
Send Action API
Series API
Service API
Service Channel API
Share Action API
Shoe Store API
Shopping Center API
Single Family Residence API
Site Navigation Element API
Ski Resort API
Social Event API
Social Media Posting API
Software Application API
Software Source Code API
Some Products API
Specialty API
Sporting Goods Store API
Sports Activity Location API
Sports Club API
Sports Event API
Sports Organization API
Sports Team API
Stadium Or Arena API
State API
Steering Position Value API
Store API
Structured Value API
Subscribe Action API
Subway Station API
Superficial Anatomy API
Suspend Action API
Synagogue API
Table API
Take Action API
Tattoo Parlor API
Taxi API
Taxi Reservation API
Taxi Service API
Taxi Stand API
Tech Article API
Television Channel API
Television Station API
Tennis Complex API
Theater Event API
Theater Group API
Therapeutic Procedure API
Thing API
Ticket API
Tie Action API
Tip Action API
Tire Shop API
Tourist Attraction API
Tourist Information Center API
Toy Store API
Track Action API
Trade Action API
Train Reservation API
Train Station API
Train Trip API
Transfer Action API
Travel Action API
Travel Agency API
Treatment Indication API
Clip API
Episode API
Season API
Series API
Type And Quantity Node API
Unit Price Specification API
Un Register Action API
Update Action API
Use Action API
User Blocks API
User Checkins API
User Comments API
User Downloads API
User Interaction API
User Likes API
User Page Visits API
User Plays API
User Plus Ones API
User Tweets API
Vehicle API
Vein API
Vessel API
Veterinary Care API
Video Gallery API
Video Game API
Video Game Clip API
Video Game Series API
Video Object API
View Action API
Visual Arts Event API
Visual Artwork API
Volcano API
Vote Action API
Want Action API
Warranty Promise API
Warranty Scope API
Watch Action API
Waterfall API
Wear Action API
Web Application API
Web Page API
Web Page Element API
Web Site API
Wholesale Store API
Win Action API
Winery API
Ad Block API
Footer API
Header API
Side Bar API
Write Action API